For 15 years now I’ve travelled for that ‘shot’. Always looking for something that captures the eye then draws others in.

There’s something different about the world now and people move so quickly within it, my job is to bring things to a time, a place that they can remember as their own, without dividing their time for more than needed...

And just when they have a moment to reflect, I would of captured and created a memory of it for them to have time and time again...

Welcome to my world of your moments.

I am all about the client and everyone is different so I work to seamlessly provide an individual catered service. No client is the same like no occasion is alike and it is my job to always deliver the same quality for all my clients.

All enquires are individually assessed and therefore a pricing guide is unique to each project.

I specialise in Dance....So why Dance...?

For over a decade I have been fortunate enough to engage in the dance community with my own family. Whether it was for a showcase performance with a troupe or a solo performance at an Eisteddfod or an end of year concert.

I felt I had a place in this wonderful environment of movement & creativity.

My inspiration for my work has been my love for the art of movement. Dance has a positive element in the artist world and I thrive on being very much where it all begins. The beginning of the students career into the wide open spaces that await their next performance.

As every great artist would humbly agree I am sure that to be great you must always be willing to learn consistently and engage new and every changing ideas in order to grow.

So every new day I meet and welcome with this one truth, nothing lasts forever, so capture it so it might last a little while longer....